Monday, November 1, 2010

round and round we go

Our $45 rummage sale clothes dryer finally gave out the night before last. After noting that it was still running after three hours and not finding extra tight super crispy jeans inside but instead a cold damp mass of fabrics, I surmised it was time to say our good-byes.

Craigslist to the rescue. Yay! In these here off the beaten path parts of the country it can really be a life saver. Last night the family and I loaded ourselves into the truck and headed north to purchase a washer dryer set for $100 ... extra large capacity, no less. We should've made that move years ago, but one does what one can when they can (or have to as the case may be). I have yet to understand and properly configure the new dial settings, but there are dry clothes and dry towels. This is good.

If that wasn't adventure enough for the week, Dad woke me this morning to check out the back window on Daughter 2's car. He found it completely shattered. After some study and discussion I chalk it up to a an odd event explained only by science beyond my expertise. It had to have happened after midnight but before the sun dried the dew off the windows (as noted by moisture on the shards). While the absolute destruction of the window at first suggests something hit it with a tremendous force, the radius of the broken glass seems to indicate it burst outward instead of into the vehicle. There is no other damage to any other part of the car at all ... no dents, no bullets, nothing. So, we have an appointment tomorrow to have that replaced. There goes another $200 unexpectedly. Why this doesn't seem to bother me while making a quick stop at Walmart without my coupon binder nearly drives me over the edge is something to ponder another day. Right now I must check on the night's final dryer load before heading to bed.


  1. Like my husband and I always say, as soon as you finally fix one thing, without fail, the next thing breaks. So goes life.
    (kinda weird about your car though)

    By the way, just look how perfectly shiny that floor is in the picture. And how crisp the mom's white apron looks. And how skinny her waist is. And how she's not in the least upset about the jam. Oh, woe is me... oh well.

  2. That is a great deal you got on the washer/dryer. How far did you have to travel? By the way I have never checked Craigslist before. Have you bought many things that way?

  3. Leah: Beyond the nasty sticky mess my life doesn't resemble the above image either. But I do like to think that there's a chance it could one day ... maybe ... at least a clean floor.

    Christy: It was an hour drive one way. Still closer then any big retailer. As for Craigslist, we've used it a few times, and hubby likes to keep an eye on it for any goodies that pop up. Actually as of late he's been on the look out for a particular Christmas gift for the manchild of the house. A few have come up, but not within our price range. Oh well, one just never knows.