Monday, October 25, 2010

what was that?

I hear a cry then a thump, or maybe it was a thump then a cry. Well, that's neither here nor there I spose. I turn around to find Daughter 3 holding her head and looking in disbelief in my direction. Was she laughing? crying? I really couldn't tell. Daughter 1, who is standing only a couple of feet from her, bends down and picks something up off the floor and proceeds to eat it.

"Did you just chuck that chocolate chip bar at your sister's head?"



"And now you're eating it?"

They both start laughing.

"I told her I would, but she didn't believe me."

Then she bestows on me her weapon of choice as she leaves the room. I eat the chucked chocolatey chunk and ponder ... why this batch didn't turn out fluffy and cakey like the last ones.

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