Friday, October 15, 2010

Pie For Sale

Four apple pies finally sit upon my stove top at this late hour cooling for tomorrow's church shindig. I rather enjoy eating pie, and there is a sense of satisfaction to seeing my work in all it's beauty as it exits the heat of the oven. But ... there is a prevailing wind throughout the house at present. Meaningless, meaningless ... everything is meaningless.

I did however learn something today that will be quite helpful in days to come. A peeler peels when moved in either direction. So a simple sliding back and forth of it across the skin of a carrot will bring forth the desired outcome, a peeled carrot. Wow, who knew? Not me. I readily admit it, and I'm thankful for this newly acquired knowledge as it seems the young 'uns have developed quite a hankerin' for them. Carrots, I mean, not peelers. They could care less about peelers.

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