Thursday, October 14, 2010

Foul Fowl*

I spent the morning at church assisting a small group of ladies in the washing, boiling, and boning of several chickens, plump and juicy ... the chickens not the ladies lest there be any confusion. Absurd quantities of onions, carrots, and celery spilled over bowls and the scent of down home country comfort filled the air. Oh wait, that would include taters and gravy of which there was none. My bad. Still it was delicious, not that I would actually know 'cuz I didn't snitch a snack (honestly, the local bakery's pudding filled chocolate covered rolls already held a place near my heart that couldn't be outdone). Anyhoo ... my question is thus: how can an aroma that cries out for it's immediate consumption in one room hit the fresh air of another and make you suddenly smell as if you've spent a few summer days under the arm of some hippie?

I didn't get to stay and help finish with the so called pluck and gut extravaganza, as a call from home succeeded in capturing my attention. Daughter 2 was ready ... maybe ... ready ... or not ... oh why not ... to take the driver's test. Her permit was to expire tomorrow, but after a brief trip through Big Town with a licensed state official she can now relax. She did it. Don't worry though, she won't be driving alone any time soon. It's a relief having the government side of it out of the way though.

Dad purchased some drumsticks for Son today. I listened to him tap on pails, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc, etc. He then invited me to see how they fit snugly up his nose as well. Hours of fun ahead for us all I should think.

*because homophones are fun :)

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