Friday, January 1, 2010


Auditions for the Big Town's production of Wonderland: The Musical Misadventures of Alice in Wonderland were held Monday and Tuesday. The cast list was posted today.

Son: Red Knight and a Responsibility
Daughter 3: Rook and Lion
Daughter 1: Red Queen
Daughter 2: Alice !!!!!!

Time to call the Grandmas, the aunts, the milkman and his dog ...

Now pizza all around if Mom would just put that darn camera away ...

Upon returning home Dad and the kids gathered around the computer and located another youth production of the same play on youtube. They watched the whole thing and laughter was heard throughout the house ... or at least through to the adjoining living room interrupting my otherwise unusually peaceful television viewing.

Next week's initial meeting will get the ball rolling and then it's practice, practice, practice until opening night, March 11. Yay!!!

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