Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Lunch was cooking, the special lunch I've been thinking about for days. I was going to recreate Arby's French Dip & Swiss sandwiches at home for my whole family. There were tater tots baking, au jus simmering, swiss cheese melting. It was almost noon. Not only was I preparing a meal I myself planned, BUT I was going to feed everyone at a most proper hour. Yay me. Then it happened. The house became silent. Everyone stood in their places and looked to me with the question in their eyes before it crossed their lips. What happened?!

I headed to the basement and checked the breakers. All was good. I grab the phone and called our electric company while inwardly a panic began to rise within me as I noted the time ... 11:57. Thankfully they answered. Whew. Our power outage was reported. Not three minutes later, the phone rings. Apparently their thinga-ma-jiggies at the office show power at our meter meaning the problem is not on their end. And ... so? "Um, let me put you through to the shop," she stammers. Wherein a lineman, I presume, answers the phone with absolutely no idea who I am or why I'm calling. So I repeat my story. We have no electricity. Our breakers (both in house and outbuilding) are not tripped. Company do-dads say we have electricity. Office woman sent me to him to explain the situation? I don't know. I just wanted power. (Wow, there's a discussion for another day, ey?)

I shan't complain much, though. The fellow was friendly and over the next 20 minutes which involved traipsing through the snow and several phone calls between he and I the lights came on, the oven cooked, and I had the great satisfaction of not only an awesome meal but personal accomplishment on several fronts which included new knowledge of a hidden breaker box under the meter several yards from the house that even my own husband had no knowledge of. Sweet.

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