Tuesday, February 22, 2011

and on that farm he had some ...

pygmy goats, e-i-e-i-ohhhhh

Last week this would've been garbage,
 and, frankly, that's just a shame.

This week, though, it promises to be a special treat
for our newest little neighbors.

One of Dad's cousins has been downsizing in preparation for an upcoming move. To Son's delight an excellent offer was made for the purchase of his last ten goats, nine does and one buck ... AND kids on the way. What an awesome bonus! Yep, he's in love. They almost all have names: Elvis, Maple, Cranberry, Cinnamon ... hmmm, I see a theme building here. Anyhoo, I must agree that they are pretty darn cute, especially when prancing about and buttin' each other. The little stinkers.

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