Sunday, November 14, 2010

really screwed up this time

Friday in a hurry-before-snow-falls-clean-up about the acreage I was pulling on some chicken wire and wood that the summer's grass had grown under, over and through. I pulled and pulled and pulled some more when suddenly it began to break free. I stepped back to save myself from the impending fall only to land with my full weight on a nasty ol' screw which stood up (according to eye witness reports) a good two inches or more attempting to claim it's position of power. Thankfully I was already up to date on my tetanus shot. (Or not so thankfully, seeings as how that was a matter of need as well ... but I digress as I usually do). The doctor's office ordered xrays that day to insure there were no metal fragments left in the foot and that I hadn't knicked a bone. All was as good as could be.

On Saturday the pain was worse plus swelling and redness spread across the top of my foot. We headed back into the doctor for a culture and antibiotics which included a hiney shot to jumpstart the fight. I'm still not walking without crutches. Only this afternoon swelling and redness finally look to be on the retreat. This is my first time sitting at the computer in 48 hours and my foot is again on the rise ... err, swell ... oh you know what I mean. So back to the recliner with some frozen peas for me.

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