Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Road Trippin'

Dad's conference trip across the state had to be cancelled as we were expecting some puppy poppin' in the immediate future. Eleven were born to one little mama throughout the day today in case you were a wonderin'. Anyhoo ... cuz the kids and I had planned for the night away (namely pool time at a classy hotel that offers more then dry donuts for breakfast), Dad hit Priceline and managed to fanagle a deal in the city for us while he manned the homefront.

The beds were heavenly. The pool near perfect. The weather beautiful. The company left something to be desired, but we all muddled through without much difficulty. The Old Navy clearance racks and the cart load of snacks from Walmart were delightful distractions to ease any squabbles that dared erupt. But then we'd hear things such as ... "I don't want to wear any underwear yet." That was Daughter 2 explaining why she choose to keep her swimming suit on longer then her mother deemed comfortable. Obviously Mama wasn't thinking clearly. Silly old woman.

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