Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautyrest ... I get it now

We attended Doxology Friday and Saturday. I was left ruminating over several subjects, including but not limited to ...

~ Spiritual Warfare

~ Learning theology from Dr. Kleinig is a rare treat. He is not only brilliant but wise, and the Aussie accent doesn't hurt either :)

~ My next mattress will be a Simmons Beautyrest.


Dad, Daughter 1, and Daughter 3 headed to Big City around 1:30 this morning to take our final two pups to the airport. The last of our weekend guests headed home before 6:00 AM. I awoke just after 9AM when Dad and the girls arrived home.

At 2:30 PM we woke Dad, per his instructions, and while he got up and about I scrubbed out the van. Seems Daughter 3 ... a ... well ... she blew chunks in the back seat in the wee hours of the morning. Dad got most of it, but it must have taken her by surprise 'cause evidence was found in every. possible. direction. Poor kid. No wonder she didn't wake up until 8:30 tonight. Anyhoo, while she and Daughter 1 continued sleeping, the rest of us headed to Country Church to pick up and return the excellent keyboard a local music store so graciously lent to the Doxology group for the weekend without cost.

And now tonight ... look what we found out in the kennel nursery.

Emma wasn't due for a couple more days, but she managed to bring six healthy little buggers into the world without our even knowing. AND ... she has yet to finish.

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