Sunday, August 23, 2009

A day of rest

This is how my kitchen welcomed me home this afternoon after church and quick Big Town grocery run. There are a couple days worth of dirty dishes (all about the room, filling the sink, in the living room, even found some in the upstairs hallway). Currently no clean standard sized plates or "grown up" forks are to be found. You will see non refrigerated grocery items that can wait to be tucked away until I feel like it. On the floor are "the remains of a hunter found in the woods." Son and Daughter 3 had my camera outside for several hours Friday (yes, he's really been laying there since that time) ... I should probably take a few minutes to view that evidence. I'll give them brownie points for not leaving him outside in front of the house though.

I'm heading to bed now. My kitchen still looks like this. My legs are feeling the burn from yesterday and my recliner was being quite hospitable. Those seven hours of NCIS just flew by.

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