Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Me Mememememe

1. I'm on page 424 of Vanity Fair. Only 256 pages to go.
2. I think a fart is funny - always.
3. Bill O'Reilly frustrates me. How can someone with that many a and ums get a job in radio at all? Seriously. 4. I once had a dream that Rush Limbaugh was retiring. It felt so real that when I woke I honestly wasn't sure if I'd really heard it or not. I was depressed the entire morning at the possibility of it's truth.
5. My favorite thing to do is discuss theology with my husband.
6. My second favorite thing to do is listen to my husband discuss theology with other people.
7. When dressed in his clericals I find my husband extremely ... shall we say, desirable.
8. If you think I'm in need of some sort of mental health expertise, I completely understand.
9. My mental health professional described me as 'quirky'.
10. I haven't been back to her, but the meds have been greatly appreciated by my family :)
11. My bra size before my surgery in September of 2007 was a 42I (yeah, not a typo).
12. I now carry a happy 38C.
13. The relationship I'd built with my miracle working chiropractor has not been hurt, though, as those years of boobage did a number on my shoulders and ribcage.
14. I could totally run now ... I mean if I wanted to for some crazy reason or if I could, you know, breathe and all.
15. I downloaded 'Jingle Bombs' by Achmed the Dead Terrorist onto my MP3, and I like to sing along.
16. I'm allergic to watermelon and bananas. Yes, really.
17. I noticed at church last Sunday that I'd neglected to apply deodorant during my morning routine. Hoping no one else sensed that.
18. I also forgot, though I'd been head of altar committee the entire month, to put away the communion ware, etc. until Sunday school was almost over.
19. I plead ADD. How often can I use that? It was early in the day. The meds hadn't kicked in yet.
20. My husband cuts my hair.
21. I was mistaken for the mother of a friend this week. Not only am I only like 3 weeks older then her, but we're both 35 years old.
22. Maybe I should get a more professional cut? Nah ...
23. I pay my children to rub my back ... a whole five cents per minute. Suckers.
24. I am recognized (while out of sight, mind you) around town by my laugh. Apparently it's quite distinctive. So they say anyway.
25. I should be outside right now helping my husband with the new puppies, but I'm once again shirking my responsibilities with these mind numbing activities.

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